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Improving connectivity plays a vital role in the development connectivity of regions, facilitating economic growth and improving the quality of life for its inhabitants. The Karnaphuli Tunnel also known as Bangabandhu Tunnel, is a significant infrastructure project in Bangladesh. 

It is an underwater tunnel located under the Karnaphuli River, connecting the city of Chittagong with the Anwara Upazila. The tunnel is named in honor of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founding father of Bangladesh. It is the first-ever underwater tunnel in the country and will be the first under-river road tunnel in South Asia.

Karnaphuli Tunnel aims to enhance transportation connectivity, alleviate traffic congestion, and economic progress in the southeastern region. This essay explores the history, significance, benefits, and potential impacts of the Karnaphuli Tunnel.


On 14 October 2017, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Chinese Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping inaugurated the Karnaphuli Tunnel.

Karnaphuli tunnel is approximately 3.43 kilometers(2.131 miles) long and consists of two parallel tubes, one for each direction of traffic. The tunnel diameter is 10.80 meters (35.4 ft). The cost of the project is estimated at US$1.1B, of which around half is financed by the Exim Bank of China.

Over the years, as the population and economic activities in Chattogram and its surrounding areas have grown, the need for improved transportation infrastructure to connect both sides of the Karnaphuli River has become increasingly apparent. The existing means of crossing, including ferry services and a limited number of bridges, often lead to traffic congestion and delays.

Recognizing this issue, the Bangladesh government has undertaken the proposal for the Karnaphuli Tunnel project. The project aims to construct an underwater tunnel beneath the Karnaphuli River, providing a direct and efficient link between Chattogram and the northern areas. 

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The Karnaphuli Tunnel holds immense significance for Bangladesh, particularly in the southeastern region. Currently, the only means of crossing the Karnaphuli River are ferry services and a limited number of bridges. These options often result in traffic congestion, delays, and transportation inefficiencies. The tunnel seeks to address these challenges by establishing a direct, reliable, and efficient connection between the two sides of the river.


The Karnaphuli Tunnel is expected to have several benefits in various aspects of the region. Here are some potential benefits of the Karnaphuli Tunnel:

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1. Transportation and Connectivity:

One of the primary impacts of the Karnaphuli Tunnel will be improved transportation and connectivity. The tunnel will provide a direct, reliable, and efficient route across the Karnaphuli River, reducing travel time and congestion. This enhanced connectivity will benefit both commuters and businesses by facilitating the smooth flow of goods and people.

2. Economic Development:

The improved transportation infrastructure resulting from the Karnaphuli Tunnel will contribute to the economic development of the region. It will enhance trade and commerce by providing better access to markets and industries. The tunnel will also attract investments and spur the growth of businesses, leading to job creation and increased economic opportunities.

3. Regional Integration:

The Karnaphuli Tunnel will foster regional integration by linking the city of Chattogram with its northern vicinity. This integration will promote collaboration, exchange of resources, and cultural interactions between different areas, contributing to a more connected and cohesive region.

4. Traffic Reduction:

Traffic is a significant issue in Chattogram, particularly at the existing crossing points over the Karnaphuli River. The tunnel will provide an alternative route, easing congestion on the roads and bridges and improving overall traffic flow in the city. This will result in reduced travel times, increased productivity, and a better quality of life for residents.

5. Tourism and Cultural Exchange:

The improved connectivity brought about by the Karnaphuli Tunnel may also have a positive impact on tourism. The tunnel will make it easier for tourists to visit popular attractions in the region, such as Cox's Bazar and the scenic areas surrounding Chattogram. This increased tourism can have a multiplier effect on the local economy, generating revenue, creating jobs, and promoting cultural exchange.

6. Emergency Response:

The tunnel will provide a vital lifeline during emergencies by ensuring a reliable transportation route. It will improve access to emergency services, allowing faster response times.


The Karnaphuli Tunnel represents a transformative project that holds immense potential for Bangladesh's southeastern region. It will enhance transportation connectivity, reduce traffic congestion, and propel socio-economic development. The tunnel's construction will bring forth numerous benefits, including improved trade, enhanced safety, and increased regional integration. However, it is crucial to balance progress with environmental sustainability, ensuring that the project's execution adheres to responsible practices.

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