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Date: 24.01.2023

The Editor,

The Daily Star,

Sub: Complaint for anti social activities. Sir,

I am writing to bring to your attention the growing antisocial activities in our locality. Our neighborhood was once a peaceful and safe place to live, but in recent times, we have seen a sharp increase in vandalism, theft, and other criminal activities.

These antisocial activities are not only affecting the residents' peace of mind but also causing financial losses. Our homes and vehicles have been vandalized, and petty theft has become a common occurrence. The situation has reached a point where people are afraid to step out of their homes after dark.

I urge the authorities to take necessary measures to address this issue. Increased patrolling and monitoring by the police in the area, as well as setting up CCTV cameras, could help to deter such activities. Furthermore, community initiatives such as neighborhood watch groups and increased public awareness could also play a significant role in preventing these crimes.

The safety of the residents should be the top priority for the authorities, and I hope that appropriate action will be taken soon to restore peace and security in our neighborhood.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my concerns.


[Your Name]

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