#Dakhil_class_10_2nd_week_English_assignment, #class_ten_English_assignment_solution_2021

#Dakhil_class_10_2nd_week_English_assignment, #class_ten_English_assignment_solution_2021, #Dakhil_class_10_2nd_week_English_assignment, #class_ten_En
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 The most common events and festivals in Bangladesh

Festivals are for everyone.

Learning Outcomes: Talk about events and festivals

Instructions: Learners will write an easy here. In writing the assignment, answer the following questions.

What are the most common events and festivals in Bangladesh?

Narrate your own experience to take part in some events and festivals in your locality.

How do these events and festivals shape you and your nation?

Answers: Links

Answers: Links

Answers: Links

Answers: Links

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