Women should not masturbate or masturbate?

In our country there is a great lack of proper knowledge of the health of men in this country, due to various misconceptions, many people regret their health at an early age. Many men asked for masturbation or for men who have masturbation.
If you know some common issues, they can be avoided. As a doctor, I will try to speak briefly about the questions that men have about me. Hope you will get the help.

+ Should you masturbate or not?
+ How many times a week is it used to be accustomed or addicted?
+ What are the risks of masturbation?
How healthy is masturbation?
+ What is the way out of the damage caused by excessive masturbation?
+ How can avoiding the dream?-

Before answering these questions, we discussed some common issues. Let's say it is a very personal matter and answer itself to yourself. If you do so many things will become clear to you.

Those who are used to masturbation in pornography, they are considered to be true when they meet their partner. We must remember that porn is a complete myth. There is no similarity with reality. You can feel a little frustrated by seeing a recipe for 30 minutes in the film, there is no need to. Normal response time is increased or decreased by 5 to 7 minutes
Sometimes it can be 10 minutes or 3 minutes. But if you work in normal time after 8th day, you will not be afraid to see a little back in the counter. Human body does not last all day. Tiredness, fatigue, anxiety, physical illness, sleep loss, and nausea can be a little too much of time, that means you have no problem. So trust yourself. Do not lose courage.

Organism is a matter of how you prepare your body for the way it works. That means that if you are used to seeing porn, he will be accustomed to it, if you are with your partner,
 If you are alone, then it is so. This is one of the main processes in the human body, in which the stage of occurrence sits very tightly in the brain, which is a bit difficult to change from. So, depending on the subject you should not be worried about when you are not used to hand prostitutes, it should not be your weakness.

Simply put, lemon can be eaten if one lemon is served, but if you put it all down, it becomes a bit cold. Nothing better than anything else.

Swapped is the only fault in the name of the name. No matter how often it is a normal physiological event. There is nothing to fear it. If you feel weak, eat nutritious foods such as milk, meat, eggs, fruits and plenty of rest. Unnecessary anxiety will need to be more weak. And it is normal for the boys to have a little more sleep in their younger age, which gradually decreases with age.

Those who are addicted to masturbation, slow down if they do not want to leave once they want to come out. Understand changes itself. If there is no problem in healthy body, it can be done 3 to 4 times a week. Not more than that

Some harmful aspects of excessive masturbation
Physical intercourse and masturbation do not have the same benefits for your body. Of course physical interaction is more useful than masturbation for your body.
+ Although there is no risk of sexually transmitted disease, excessive masturbation causes penile skin to be damaged many times, and excessive pressure on the raised penis can lead to the disruption of the shape of the pain, and the blood movement may be interrupted.
+ Can cause mental weakness behind the root cause of our ignorance.

I talked a lot. Now let's ask questions.
+ Do you feel like you are masturbating when you are harmed by it? Is there any abnormality anywhere from being elevated to orgamum?
+) Every time you do this, do you think you are more dependent on it?
+ Is your sense of positive or negative for yourself and your life while masturbating?
+ Do you feel lonely at this time?
If you already have a surrogate with someone, do you think you are moving away from your partner while masturbating or will it bring something good for your relationship?

Give yourself the answers. If it is negative then the time has come to move away. Get fit. Be bold. This is not a serious problem. Everything is all right after a little time and patience.


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