How does a girl know how to sex with someone yet !! virg*in girls!

What is the way to know the virgin girl?

Generally there is no sign of virgin girls. No matter how much sex before a girl gets married, there is no way to understand whether she is a virgin. So there is no question of women's virginity in society. Yet there are several ways to show virgin girl below:

1. The woman will be very excited.

2. There will be many chases to have sex.

3. Jonny is crazy to insert a penis without paying attention to playing with Breast.

4. If she touches a girl once, then she will have to touch like a madman.

1. Zioni

A. Labia majra means that the outer petals will be almost completely united and the zonimukh can not be seen.

B. The labia miner, ie the inner petals, will be completely closed and the lobia will remain covered with the whole. Labia can not be seen without removing.

C. Hymen, that is, will remain intact. Although it can be torn apart for a lot of reasons. Tearing it is usually bleeding.

D The bottom edge of the labia minerara will be together.

E. Clituris / Chitories is very small and the skin covered with it is thin.

F. Yonipath narrow and inner folds will be less smooth. The vase will be a lot more.

2. Breasts

A. The breasts will be small.

B. Will be flat, not round.

C. Will be strong, not tangled.

D The dark part of the nipal, the color of it will be as light brown in color (less bold color) and this part will be small in size.

E. Nipple's size will be smaller.

There is no such signs for virgin girls. However, the virgin girl is known to be the daughter of the female and the breasts. However many breeds of the genetically large breasts are large. There have been instances in which a girl's breasts are big, but there is no boy going to kiss, sometimes masturbation and sex. What does it mean that the girl has lost her virginity? Not at all. Again, there is an incident that a girl had sex first in her life, but there was no bloodshed. That does not mean that a man before you took his virginity. But there really is no sign of virgin virginity. Yet some of the signs of virgin girl signs are shown below by the vagina and breasts


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